Where’s Maddy?

Lost from Hazel Ave., Ambridge, PA on Friday, July 26, 2019.

While letting the dogs in on 7/26/2019 Maddy ran out into the woods behind our house. Initially she stayed on the hillside in the woods behind our house, but would not come down and would run if we tried to go to her. She stayed behind the house late into the night.  We left food/water and put up our trail camera.  By the next morning, she was gone.

We have done all of the things suggested to get your cat home. The raccoons have been an issue when we put food out and we have no signs of her on our trail camera.

We initially put flyers up around our neighborhood, but due to an ordinance, we had to take them down.

At this time, we do have flyers up at several businesses throughout town, and we have sent flyers to all of the shelters in the area and many vet offices including PVSEC and Rainbow. Maddy has also been posted in our local lost and found groups on Facebook, a couple of Facebook news groups, on Nextdoor, Pawboost, and PetHarbor.

We have driven all over and handed flyers to people we spoke with while out looking. We have also done some door to door with no results. We did have a couple of sightings from one area, but when we followed up, it turned out to be a different cat.

We need help to continue to get the word out. We need sightings to know where to look for her.

It is possible someone may have taken her in. It’s possible that she joined a colony of stray or feral cats in the area. We really have nothing to go on. For us, it feels like she has vanished. If something happened to her, we need to know so we can have closure.

We trapped Maddy in 2017 after she was left behind when her owner moved. She was living in the house with her kittens, which were sadly deceased from flea infestation. From what we were told, Maddy was an indoor/outdoor cat with that previous owner, but she has been indoor only since we brought her into our home. We are hoping her survival instincts have kicked in and she is finding food, water, and shelter.

Maddy is very sweet, but may be scared and acting skittish right now. If you see her, do not chase her or try to pick her up. She does not like to be picked up. Just call us immediately.

She is a dilute tortie with more light gray coloring, indoor only cat. Her colors can vary depending on the lighting. Sometimes she looks darker, sometimes she has a more silver appearance to her.

Maddy is 8 years old, spayed and current on her vaccines. She is also microchipped.

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