Many possible sightings

We have gone out on many calls. There were several reports around Maplewood. We had calls from the areas around Beaver and 6th and 8th Streets. We have driven all over Ambridge, especially focusing on areas that have a larger stray cat population in case Maddy has joined a colony of cats. There are several cats around that look similar to Maddy, but so far no actual sightings of Maddy.

We are now getting some calls from Valleyview and Fairfield areas. We have a trail camera set up at one location, but so far have only seen a squirrel.

Please keep the calls coming. While many calls have not been Maddy, she could show up anywhere. We are going on nearly 6 weeks missing and I have hope that one of these calls will be Maddy. I’d rather go out and find it’s not Maddy, than not receive a call and it is her.

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