Maddy has been sighted!!

Today I trapped a cat that has been hanging around Valleyview Drive.  We were called to this area for a possible Maddy sighting, but it turned out to be this tabby cat.  This cat will be going to Animal Friends tomorrow to get spayed.  I already have posts up looking for the possible owner.

On the way home, I saw a cat under my neighbors truck.  The cat looked similar to Maddy, but after I parked I grabbed my flashlight to check it out.

It is Maddy!!!!  Unfortunately, she freaked out and ran from me when I called her name.

We set a trap and waited.  She was around the trap a couple of times, but did not go in.  Raccoons started coming out so we closed the trap up for the night.  We put food and water on the porch and the trail camera is set up.

We will try to trap again tomorrow when we get home from work.

It’s so good to know that she is alive.  I was starting to lose hope.  Now we just have to get her back inside where she belongs.

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